Comment: You can probably guess, based on my previous posts here,

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You can probably guess, based on my previous posts here,

as to where I may personally stand on this issue, but I have ONE 2-part rule when it comes to others intervening in innocent people's lives:

1. There are those who want to be free, and remain so.
2. There are those who simply won't let us be free, or leave us be.

And, frankly, the size and scale of their real or perceived power is immaterial to me. A killer who kills one innocent child, is still the same killer as a killer who votes or orders sorties of bombers to drop bombs that kill hundreds of thousands. The scale of murderous mayhem is obviously different, but it still doesn't change the fact that they're both killers. And, given the option to trade places, the single victim murderer would gladly order to murder millions; they both operate on same psychology: I rule, you don't.

Category 1 are ALL potential friends, allies, and coalition partners.

Category 2 are scumfcuks of the earth, in my unenlightened moments of weakness, I wish them generational harm, and if there is such thing as an afterlife or reincarnation, an eternal inter-dimensional hell, in whatever form they may take.

I'd like to think all govt-corporatist murders would be reincarnated as those bugs that live for one day to breed, then die-off? Well, wish they actually had a genetic memory and remember every single death, when reincarnated, be they swallowed up by a moth, a lizard, or smacked by a 2yr's foot.


So, while I've researched them and their visible, and public trail of record for years to stay vigilant enough to know when DHS MRAPs maybe rolling up to my neighbor's cul de sac, ironically, in essence: I actually don't care WHO they are. I only care enough to know just what they're doing to infringe upon me and my loved ones' personal space, so I can figure out how to prevent, avoid, or surf the wave and/or overcome it.

Entire human history is one of powerful people, mainly men, colluding together for their private benefits.

Which makes it all the more childishly hilarious to me how the word "conspiracies" is a Kryptonite to most adults, when the ENTIRE human history is a long series of historically factual, verifiable conspiracies.

Even more hilarious so, are all the anti-private enterprise socialist L-R delusional statist liberals who always biotch about 'powerful corporations.' Yet, it's literally as if it never occurred to them the power, a company that wields over 5million employees, can have on ANY country's economy, or what kind of impact their commodities sourcing focus could have.

In abstract, all useful socialists know that when Nestle gets into 'privatizing' corporatizing water, they should be all up in arms. Yet, they literally cannot believe that CEOs & senior management from companies the size and scale of Nestle, would actually meet together with other power players, power brokers, banksters, politicians sitting on EPA counterparts from other nations, at a single place, like at the annual Bilderberg Conference, to talk shop.


Suppose if you called the annual Bilderberg Conference as Davos, or hell, even a Sundance Film Festival, perhaps these morons and collusive a-holes will take notice.

Literally it's the same exact premise at all these places: 'powerful' people get together to decide the fate of millions or billions, and collectively, trillions of dollars worth of trade.

It's like I suppose it really doesn't 'hit' them, the notion that there is no scalable comprehensible 1st hand frame of reference when you own/run a small biz that employs about 20people vs. a WalMart, who employs MILLIONS worldwide. Sure, one can extrapolate based on the fundamentals of any biz. But the effects of scale, and what that can do to commodities, shipping, cost of fuel, switch in a demographic's lifestyle and what they use, the feedback loop, etc. is simply unfathomable to the small biz owner.

The likes of Walmrt, are practically nations in it of themselves, in terms of economic influence/impact on global resources market.

So when people who head these corporatist entities make deals, WHY THE FCUK wouldn't it affect each and every one of us, economically at some level: from cost of food to fuel, to what additional 'luxuries' one can afford to buy, this fiscal quarter, etc.?

Resources are what have always driven geopolitics and wars on Earth since time immemorial. Yet, you're now a 'conspiracy theorist' to be aware of human nature and human history?

Like, WTF?

Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Just a word describing an actionable plan. Nothing more, nothing less. So why are some so bothered by a word definition, let alone a libertarian-leaning supposed individualists at places like Daily Paul, is even a bigger mystery to me. Truly.

So, while I am aware of 'their' historically verifiable, traditionally proven tactics and machinations, but in a nutshell, I truly do not really 'care'-care who they are.

First of all, Bad Guys don't wear red-horns, dress in black and hold a bloody knife/smoking gun in their hand, wherever they go, well, most of the times. LOL.

Regardless, there literally is NO WAY for any of us, unless you come from 'their' world, to 100% be certain what they are, who they are, and what specific range of power they yield.

So in effect, it becomes a narcissistic moot point to figure it out, constantly. Sure, I have a general guesstimate as to who 'they' maybe. But for those of us outside their inner spheres, we're left simply analyzing their past, and use educated guesstimate to discern their probable trajectory, with the aid of a few whistleblowers, or those who made it their raison d'etre to 'expose' them.

Along with that historical fact, there's also another reason that I truly don't 'care'-care, in the finality; the 100% historically cyclical rule: ALL tyrannies collapse in on their own weight, as all tyrannies fail to stop themselves, from themselves, by themselves.

It's a damn near Law of Thermodynamics, Tyranny Edition.

It's the interim, and the aftermath, that TRULY ARE of my concern, though.

It's just that most of us sense that we're coming down to crunch time. There's uncertainty afoot. Almost no one can comfortably design their lives with the sheer scale of uncertainty brought on by the current iteration of technocratic panopticon surveillance policestate, right here and now, already.

Many of us sense that there's some proverbial "Red Button" they're waiting on an excuse to press.

My guess is, if the S truly HTF, and TEOTWAWKI comes, some Americans will definitely go after the bankster culprit, as they believe they're guilty, whether right or wrong. And they will 'impress upon them' to reveal whom THEIR 'masters' are.

I cringe every time statist a-holes delude that Drones are gonna 'save' them. Like learn history much? Two words: Vietnam and Afghanistan.

It's literally like they've been drinking their own Kool-Aid for so long, that they've forgotten how asymmetrical warfare have always been waged by a driven native population; worse, this time around, the natives know where their enemies reside.

It ain't gonna be Vietnam, or even AfPak.

If 'that' ugly 'I would never wish on my worst enemies'-day ever comes here, America will not be a pretty place to be, to say the least, for a long time; as Tony Soprano would say: a lot of people are gonna get themselves some 'satisfaction.'

God knows they have enough pent up qualms, regardless of however legitimate or not, once this devolves, who knows how fast it'll come, unravel, and be 'over.'

Then again, observing the current sheeple populace, who are more connected, with more access to more info than at any other time in history, yet for many it just gave them more excuses to indulge their native stupidities, and further dig into their own bubbles.

So who's to say what will come after the Fall of the 1st American Constitutional Republic, is going to be better?

We all know that we Americans aren't exactly known for being subtle...

Sad thing is, it's ALL 100% avoidable, if a critical mass of awakened citizenry all said NO, and PEACEFULLY refuse to comply to everything and anything the Ruling Class and their sycophants and minions throw at us, all at the SAME time!

I really don't know how all this will turn out.

My only real 'fear'-fear is that even if we come through this alright and hold those guilty parties accountable via Nuremberg 2.0, because we're the 'good guys' we'll 'forgive'/give them amnesty like Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano and let the bastards be to continue their degenerate lineage, only to have their progeny restart this crap up all over again, some 5yrs down the line!

That, afterall, would equally be the other 100% cyclical story of humans on earth: the Good forgives Evil, only to have them come back, again, and again, and again.

I don't know... maybe if we could develop some perpetual memory gene where our bodies have autonomic response to any signs of creeping statist tyranny, already experienced in the past, so we can perpetually avoid making the same mistakes, over and over and over again...perhaps. lol.

I hate to close on a cynical note, but that much about us as humans, simply may never change.


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul