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Mayor Branson,

Watch our “public SERVANTS” in action,

The “policemen” in this video are no more than criminals… What a pathetic display of tyranny and usurpation of authority by public servants who swore an OATH to uphold the constitution of the united states of America. The actions in the video are an unconstitutional act upon a consenting adult who’s Liberty (self-ownership) is supposed to be PROTECTED by the SUPREME LAW of this land (Preamble to the Constitution, “…to secure the BLESSINGS of Liberty...”). TECHINCALLY, the officer, who INITIATED FORCE upon another person that has not violated anyone else’s unalienable rights, VIOLATING their OATH (a promise or vow on your LIFE), should be hung from the tallest tree in the village or beheaded in a public setting. It is in your best interest to relieve these goons of their duty, immediately.

Facts of the case
She went to close the door.
He pushed her down to the ground.
He held her hostage.

He turned a non-violent situation into violence.
She tried to stand up to usurpation of authority as required by our Constitution.

All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to say and do nothing. Choose wisely.

A concerned human being

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