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I don't see it

I think you give way too much power to those who are on their way out. I think you might try looking at the UN and the G20 and IMF and WHO and this NWO globalization that is targetting America (and why we work to restore the republic from what they have taken with deceptions like the patriot act.

I believe Arab Spring is Muslim backed and based, as a reform.. the governments in control is like the Amish and they was to be Baptists.. still Christian.. This article tells you who is responsible

Assad's forces, meanwhile, are mostly made up of minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Just over two years ago, pro-democracy demonstrations escalated into a full-blown civil war that, according to the United Nations, has seen some 70,000 people and displaced about 1 million Syrians into neighbouring countries.

And to say that defending Israel is indefendable.. I didn't say it was about Israel being bullied.. I said that since Israel appears to be open to the new conditions put forth by Palestine (and despite NWO tools like Google bestowing statehood to Palestine, as if they have the power to give palestine statehood) Israel is open and China has offered to host, and I believe Israel's superior intel, Israel showed they can stand alone without the USA. I think this is great and I don't think the USA has anything to do with it.