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Indeed that is true

the problem comes in when you want competition by having your local volvo mechanic perform brain surgery on you, to save a few quid. See, he's got this contrarian theory that all the brain surgeons are in a secret league that has secret unwritten rules that even they don't know about, yet which are somehow rules anyway. Despite no one knowing of the secret rules, your volvo mechanic decides he has figured them out from a strict regimen of watching youtube videos, eating burritos, and picking lint out of his belly button.

He therefore sets off on a crusade to show the world that the brain is really an ECU from a 1984 volvo and can therefore be replaced or repaired using bailing wire, duct tape and a screwdriver. He sounds really convincing and even gives seminars where he charges to impart his knowledge to people with brain damage. They really are susceptible to his presentation and he pockets the cash. Then, time for the operation.

He walks in confidently, dressed neatly in scrubs. His gloves are a little weird, being playtex instead of surgical, but hey, he is the guy that knows all, gotta trust him. Must be better than paying that govt licensed monopolistic symbol of the ever encroaching state to operate on one's brain! They charge a whole lot more money, after all!

Pretty soon, the offending brain parts are removed, in a bloody fit of screwdriver weilding, which results unfortunately in the patient having a strange squarish lump on the side of his head, which gives off a plasticky "click" when one hits it. And it appears that part of the brain was removed, the part that houses all remaining common sense.

And now, despite his best efforts to heal brain damage, he has created a congressperson.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein