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Zak...sounds like

you are busting you ass trying to sell this endeavor to everyone on DP.It sounds a little fishy to me.But I will do as everyone here,I'm sure will.We will wait & see how it turns out.But as you can see,people on here can spot a neocon/liberal/fake a mile away.If your trying to shove more disinformation at us,you will be spotted immediately.As Lorax stated above,if you want to prove you are a libertarian minded program,consistently air stories on ending the fed,sound currency...etc.
I would also like to see some stories on the corruption in the FDA & why the government continues to only allow drugs that are poisonous & prolong a painful death for cancer patients,when their are proven cures out there.
I hope your program goes the direction of freedom/liberty & suceeds!But make no mistake,these guys can't be fooled by a guy in a costume with a silver tongue!!!!