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Those two don't have equal odds at all.

I doubt that loans would go away. I think bank managed loans would fade and maybe completely go but personal loans would soar. There's a whole new industry springing to life these days where people either lend, invest or simply donate to worthy causes by others they know nothing about.

Without the banker influence via government or the direct influence by interest, stock games and more, there is a potential of multiples of wealth available for each person. (Compare the finance and insurance industry to the M3 number.) If this translated to wages, not lottery style gifts, even at a slow pace, those people would place that money in their 'discretionary' budget, not their hard, mandatory expenses. In other words, they're not going to keep working just as hard just to waste it. After buying a few new toys, they'll opt to work less while earning a little more. This curbs inflation somewhat while reducing their loan interest (because they'll pay off the house, car and CCs). After that's done (causing further bank decline), it will go to savings for earlier retirement. With that new nest egg, friends, family and 'worthy causes' will have the opportunity to borrow it for uses they need to get a leg up. Thus, the circle of prosperity multiplies, not diminishes. My vote is for Utopia.