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As an MD

I like your response. But, people can live with a normal quality of life using the right pain medication, too! Problem is, nowadays, they want to give you things like Lyrica and Cymbalta that can add a whole new set of problems, through side effects! But, they can be miracle drugs to some people. (didn't know you were your own guinea pig, did you?!) Gabapentin really decreases my nerve damage pain to a manageable level!(over-dose being the biggest problem with opiates, followed by constipation!)

Trace elements like Mn, Mg, Li, selenium, copper and such can be helpful. But, they are some of the minerals than can be over-accumulated in the body, too. Vitamins A, E, D, and K are oil soluble, and can be retained to toxic levels as well. I thought two multivitamin pills, with as much as you could get in them, were good for you, long before doctors started saying vitamins helped. In those, prehistoric times, they said vitamins were unneeded in a "normal" diet!