Comment: i can only speak for myself

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i can only speak for myself

but i really don't have a problem with ads from
brothers/sisters trying to make a buck(that is if it isn't a scam)
and if it works
animals get better care than humans do from them doctors
in this day and age it is hard to make a living.
seeing his name is paul,and the site is paul's place,it should be a given that he makes a bit of money for his efforts
does it work? i don't know yet,but i have started reading the book he mentioned,it does seem spot on so far,and if it is true we are lacking minerals/vitamins in out diets,and this is the leading cause of our ills
wouldn't it be great to find alternate cures besides pharma meds?
there is a guy here with a site selling car badges,MN,didn't have a problem with that being posted here,and this also helped another
brother out

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression