Comment: Could be ((((Libra_me)))))

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Could be ((((Libra_me)))))

As in America, one does not have to agree with the actions in authority in Israel. There are many posts here from Jews who sipport Palestine, for example.. but many still have duel citizenship, and neiother is Palestine's.

We can disagree with the force an adminstration employs, but that does not mean it represents the whole.

Obama does not represent the whole of the USA.. I can LOVE my Country and support the people, especially the victims in stands I do not agree in Ameria, for example the henious war on drugs.. but that does not mena I do not support America.

I like how Ron Paul puts it.. losing their way.. I have faith that ways get lost, and ways that are spiritual in strength have the means to prevail. Israel I hope prevails over the UN Agenda.