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the God of our founders has a Son!

...their god doesn't....NOT the same God!!!

Creating innumerable false religions is the ultimate Divide and Conquer, it results likewise in blissful ignorance. Satan's goal...everyone gets the same sentence he is under...he hates God, he hates everyone made in God's image and likeness.

Our nation's history is CLEAR....freedom of religion means we can practice and openly debate about the attributes and loving characteristics of THE Creator(singular) so named in our Declaration of Independence. Our Constitution was the year of "Our Lord"!

The rule of law restrains and impedes any American, and individual from harming another person's life or property....the political correctness game, and hate speech crap is an end around that rule of law...inventing a NEW "right" whereby people supposedly will be restrained by arbitrary whim of political power and government force.from "offending" another person in word spoken or written.

This also is of Satan!

Now, radical Islam; the extreme brainwashing and funded and government endorsed open murder of any human being the world over, for purposes of instilling FEAR that brings about a clamoring for government dependency; is flourishing unhindered in our land!!!

" Martin Mawyer began his career as a freelance journalist resulting in his position some years back as the editor-in-chief of Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority Report". In 1990 he founded the Christian Action Network, a non-profit organization created to protect America's religious and moral heritage.

He has produced a number of documentary films including, "Homegrown Jihad". He is the co-author of a book presently coming under fire, entitled , "Twightlight in America: The Untold Story of Islamist Terrorist Training Camps Inside America".

WVCY listeners may remember Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Pearl was investigating allegations regarding Richard Reid (the "Shoe Bomber") and also why Muslim compounds existed within the U.S. Pearl was eventually kidnapped, beheaded and dismembered. 

According to Martin, "Twilight in America" is the book that completes the story of Daniel Pearl and also informs readers about the Muslims of the Americas group that has been in the U.S. for the past 30 years. In "Twightlight in America: The Untold Story of Islamist Terrorist Training Camps Inside America", Martin Mawyer documents Muslim criminal and terrorist activity that includes bombings, gun running, stabbings and drug running along with welfare, unemployment, workmen's compensation and food stamp fraud.

The book is causing such a firestorm that the Christian Action Network is being sued by Muslims of the Americas for 30 million dollars."

This war has to be fought on two fronts; the suicidal radicals running around on our soil, and, this tyrannical government that has employed this tool to ATTACK our nation for their EVIL ends!!!

Download, and listen to the May 2nd broadcast here:

I get it, most people are "religious" the world over...we all have within us an eclectic leaning that we are spirit, and flesh; and we were CREATED....even George Washington preferred to hire a Muhammadist instead of an atheist because that person would have an innate understanding that their is a "higher authority" that governs, hierarchy, a chain of command exists; and our founding communicates that ANY government that operates in clear and reckless disregard for HUMAN LIFE created by God has ZERO legitimacy, and must be "thrown off" and replaced!!!

It's not Christians versus Muslims, it's not Jews and Christians versus's ALL humanity against the GODLESS who claim a form of Godliness, but DENY the power thereof!!!

Appeal to the God of Heaven and Earth that these murderous thugs hellbent on conquering the globe and silencing the dissenting voices of those human beings who have enough common sense rooted in proper humility, get theirs; but I dare not say "without mercy" because no man can fathom the depth of the Creator's longsuffering and mercy towards those who hate Him!

For righteousness sake, people who desire Liberty MUST appeal to Him who is powerful enough to defeat and destroy these aggressive thugs who murder the INNOCENT without restraint, through deceitful religion, lawful abortion, or war...haters of God they are, arrogant and confident they was that parent government at the time of our revolution.

So no, we're NOT different; ALL men are created equal...and the prince of this world is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour...he is the master counterfeiter...he only knows how to steal, and kill, and destroy...and we have given his servants political and ecclesiastical authority, all for "the love of money", their money...not REAL money!

You cannot serve God and mammon; a time for choosing has come, soon we will have NO MONEY; then how shall we fight???

Quite the David vs. Goliath scenario, eh? Is there NOT a cause?