Comment: I think it will become much

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I think it will become much

I think it will become much harder for people with ideas for new businesses. In investors will strike harder deals probably amounting to the original innovator working for them with a small salary and little to no equity.

But of course the smartest minds will adapt and get rich, as they would do in any system and perhaps they would come up with solutions to many current problems.

What I worry most about is the failure of the court systems. That will make contract enforcement very difficult as the current system depends on govt as the sole legal initiator of force.

For example if a car owner is not able to pay his monthly installment the agency he borrowed from will have to forcibly take his car. A way around it is to have a killswitch installed on the car but there would be ways around that. That is why I say loans would be scarce, recovery would be a big big problem.