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Comment: I am not aware that Dr. Paul was ever critical of any . . .

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I am not aware that Dr. Paul was ever critical of any . . .

nation but the U.S.

I'm that way about religion, too. I tend to be more critical of *my own* than of other religions.

I guess it's this verse that does it to me--

Philipians 2:12

"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" means, to me, that we need to look to ourselves and our own problems/weaknesses, not to the problems and weaknesses of others.

Because I have the Christian 'label' on me and the American 'label' on me, I criticize the way Christians and Americans behave.

Dr. Paul has been critical of the CIA and he's mentioned blowback.

There are those in America who believe that Dr. Paul is pro-Islam and anti-Semitic (which is ironic). *We* know better. We know that Dr. Paul doesn't favor anyone but is very critical of America's interference throughout the world.

Dr. Paul's strength is one thing that many people can't understand. He is 'self'-critical. There are those in every culture who do that, but it's considered un-American for anyone in America to criticize America.

As for Israel, I used to openly accept Israel as the representative of all Jews, until I found out, first, about Rabbi Weiss and then second about the hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world who aren't in Israel who aren't even necessarily Orthodox or practicing who do not like what Israel has done to Gaza.

In other words, I'm not a collectivist, so when I see "Israel" I don't think "Jews"--

I see a country as corrupt as any other, including my "own"--

I don't think there is a nation in the world that hasn't been corrupted by evil influence; there may be some that are more apparently corrupt, but it is there, everywhere.

Just as I need to look at myself first:

Luke 6:42 (look at the beam in my own eye before I try to pull the mote out of another's eye)--

I look at America first, then I look to see where the corruption and evil is in other countries.

This makes it very difficult for me to talk to anyone who is conventionally patriotic. :/ I don't see patriotism as an unalloyed good--

It is what happened to the USS Liberty that has made me wonder how much Israel might influence America. To have the power to silence a nation like America means something; I am not sure what, but it is significant and doesn't need to be ignored.

With that in mind, I am skeptical of Israel--

and appreciate men like Rabbi Weiss and Noam Chomsky and SO many others--

These men aren't afraid to call evil evil . . .--

Plus, as a Christian, I agree with Rabbi Weiss that the Jews will receive a homeland from God, when they are righteous, not from the U.N. (etc.) when they are not.

Jesus told the Jews (the elders among them) that God could raise up seed unto Abraham from stones . . . so He doesn't care much about blood. What He loves is obedient hearts; He loves all of His Children, but He appreciates and blesses those who serve Him. In the meantime, the rain falls upon the just and the unjust, as we know--

So, I do believe the time will come when the Jews will have a homeland, but it won't be through destruction and oppression--

There is a verse somewhere in the O.T. (and I'm getting lazy; I'm not finding references anymore) that implies that 2/3 of those in Jerusalem in the last days will be destroyed, before Christ comes--

I don't WANT that; I don't want anyone, good or bad, to be destroyed, but I do know that God knows what is best for everyone--

after that, those Jews who have waited for the Messiah and have been patient and not been violent . . .

will receive a homeland, and they won't kill anyone to get it. The swords will be beaten into plowshares--

and those who have been peaceful and compassionate (who have loved God) will inherit the earth--

blessed are the peacemakers, and the meek will inherit the earth--

these guys are both:

and they are all over the place. They have been silenced, but they will be heard in the end.

God blesses those who serve Him. He allows the violent to do violence, but in the end, He will bless those who have done what He has asked them to do.

This is what I believe. I can't document it.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--