Comment: I do not get money from referrals (web hits).

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I do not get money from referrals (web hits).

I only make money for product sales; commissions.

I get a better commission only by adding members that join my team.

I do not get money if someone contacts me at that my site.

I only get money from product sales.

For $10, people can join me, sell product earn a the commission to buy product for their own needs.

I don't get commission for building my team. That pays for a members free web presence and creates a business account for them.

I've haunted Health Nut shops and Vitamin Companies local and now on the web for 40 years.

I found multivitamins, vitamin C, fish oils(EFA) and the latest vitamin D.

Assuming foods provided 90 essential nutrients was a my mistake.

Vets have produced formulas that reduce birth defects to 1 in half million i livestock. Humans have more that 1 defect per five thousand births.

I know that by selling this product to those planning children, birth defects could be reduced.

Doc Wallach contacted Jerry Lewis to inform Jerry that he found a nutritional cure for Muscular Dystrophy. The callers selling to MSD patients are reporting improvements in their MD customers.

Currently, US spends One Trillion on healthcare and US mortality rate is dropping.

There is a huge pot of money to be made selling Essential nutrients that are nontoxic and yet anti-cancer.

Join my team. We can make money providing products people need.

I am especially looking to build a core of team leaders with teams of eight.

On average it takes a 100 prospects to get 8 customers. All you need to get started is $10.

My first month I made $7.40 commission on product I sold.

Six weeks later, I am free of a multitude of health issues. At fifty eight, I was beginning to think that my parents would outlive me.

Not any more, God willing. That is a sadness my parents don't deserve.

If you are looking for a challenging opportunity.

We can work together, and have fun doing it.

Free includes debt-free!