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worry about saving me any "embarrassment" although you're kind to be thoughtful of my feelings.

You're the one suffering embarrassment as evidenced by the number of downvotes your attempt to explain away WTC7 has received.

"Window blinds?" Really? Were they jumping out the window to avoid being trapped in the building? Or, were they pushed? What FORCE pushed them? (DON'T IGNORE THIS QUESTION)

Here is what you ignore. They were "SEQUENTIALLY" going up the sides of the building in a TIMED sequence. They did that immediately after the central columns had been blown which is ALSO evident in WTC7 videos. So, of course they were doing it "on the way down" as it all happened in SECONDS and fractions of seconds.
It's a classic controlled demo, not gravitational symmetrical collapse due to random fires, which is impossible.

You're the one that's confused buddy.

Danny Jowenko, a Dutch controlled demolition expert gives his unbiased opinion on World Trade Center building 7's collapse.

He's dead now, but here's the website for his controlled demo business.,6,2

I think I'll take his explanation over your laughable "window blinds" explanation. If you can't answer the basic question I asked you not to ignore, then don't bother replying because I'm not going to waste any more time on you.