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it might be viable

in warmer climates, but ethanol won't be a good answer until they re-think how they are generating the energy to produce it. If they start using solar power, wind, or byproduct heat from electric plants to lower the production costs of ethanol then it could be a game changer. As far as corn goes there is several grasses that also produce a higher sugar to ethanol ratio than corn does to ethanol. None of this will change until we stop subsidizing corn and others.

As far as ethanol being damaging to cars, the only damage it can cause is in some older cars especially ones with carburetors the fuel lines, carburetor floats and gaskets are deteriorated by ethanol. Another problem with ethanol is that it doesn't produce the amount of BTU's that petroleum does so it requires more to do the same amount of work. This isn't a real problem if you can make it cheap enough to overcome the extra cost needed to perform the same task. Also most cars currently will not run properly on straight ethanol without adjustment to the air/fuel ratio as it requires more fuel to the ratio than cars are currently tuned to.

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