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Thanks for the ideas. Problem

Thanks for the ideas.

Problem is that all Tylenol/acetaminophen has corn in it, which I'm extremely allergic too. The exception being this liquid Tylenol with codeine that I have. To be honest, even if I doubled the dose, it was not that effective.

Ibuprofen is one of the most wicked on the gut and seems that most of them have corn starch or "mystery" starch in them.

The gastroenterologist told me years ago that I should never take aspirin, ibuprofen etc. ever again. And he was right. When I have gone against his advice, I've paid for it.

Aleve is effective and has no bad ingredients in it, but it too is rough on the gut.

Interestingly, I did just rinse with salt water and the pain calmed down. May be psychosomatic but I'm happy it let up a bit.

You are probably correct regarding herbal meds.

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