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"target audience"?

I'm already disillusioned!

LIBERTY sells itself. You start talking "watered down" liberty to appeal to the masses and you are losing me and a LOT more of US here.

If that is the premise of this show, to water down Liberty to appeal the "masses", why are you here trying to sell that to us?

US, after all? In that case, we will catch up to you in a year or two when you reach OUR level of "Ron Paul" LIBERTY.

We don't have time for your Liberty 101 class but we wish you well, will help all we can, and won't block you in your "mass appeal".

Thank you for bringing the "dumbed down" masses to us. There is a place for that and we absolutely respect you for the job you intend to do.

With all due respect, just a note of caution. You seem to be alienating a lot of people with your "choices" here in the beginning. MOST people would rather have an unknown Libertarian commentator than a well known "personality" with a checkered past vis a vis the Liberty movement.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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