Comment: You're the one who should be embarrassed here.

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You're the one who should be embarrassed here.

...posting this whole ridiculous thread.

Even if window blinds were exploding out the window, you keep ignoring that there were EXPLOSIONS.

Well, not completely ignoring, because not long ago you tried to explain the huge explosions away with some silly list of possible explanations that included things like auto tires and batteries. Link to your comment:

That was your response to my post where I showed you a video link regarding wtc7 specifically where I pointed out a couple segments regarding the huge explosions. This was my post to you:

First responders talking about the explosions...

About 1:34 you can hear a huge explosion as the firefighters are on the phone and another firefighter runs up and says "seven's exploding".

About 5:27 and to the end the first responders describe the explosions.

Not sure why you keep ignoring these evidences and accounts that have already been posted numerous times.

So window blinds or not, there is a matter of these EXPLOSIONS.

Regardless, maybe I should be embarrassed for continuing to bump this ridiculous bait thread.