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This is cool

I wish you luck. This will not be easy for you! It makes me wish I had television skills to help out.

I'd like to suggest one thing if you don't mind. You need to be really careful with programming. Libertarians have our own language and we speak about things in a certain way. That certain way is not at all marketable to the general public.

Writers talk of showing the reader, not telling the reader. This means, don't say "the government sucks" but show the viewer what sucks about it. The trick for you, I think, is to not speak the libertarian language while still showing the libertarian message.

Also, your newscast will be especially tricky. If you start reporting on FEMA camps, the network will sink and lose credibility with the public. If you don't, it will lose credibility with the infowarriors and they will throw all their liberal hate your way. That probably wont matter for your ratings, but it's still a landmine to navigate.

You've really got me thinking! I wish I had TV experience now because this sounds really fun! Best of luck! (I hope you have streaming because I ditched the cable bill.)