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It's called

It's called making the best of a bad situation. If you think for one second that Israel will ever admit to its rottenness and stop being evil voluntarily, then you are naive. As a country it has committed numerous acts of war and in wars there is collateral damage. That is the nature of war. Sure many millions of Jews would die but those Jews are far from being innocent folks, for they know or should know that they are living in occupied Palestine and have no business being there and are supporting the evil regime that controls Israel. I would not cry a tear over those folks. The innocents who I would care about would be the Palestinians who would be killed since they are not culpable. The alternative is to allow Israel to continue phucking-up the world and more innocent deaths like the 1,000,000 dead Iraqis who died and the 78,000 American who have died in the past 12 years defending Israel. The alternative is for Uncle Sam to throw himself on his sword and bring about the destruction of the USA. Is that what you want?

Israel has no right to exist and needs to be removed and since they are a nuclear nation and Israel has threatened to use its nuclear arsenal against all of the capitols of Europe if Israel's existence is threatened, nuking Israel is the least objectionable solution.