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I believe there has always been this myth about the PTB, whomever they are or were, throughout epochs, that they are always in control over 'everything.'

Well, if so, they wouldn't 'need' to fully hijack the Country via Fed.Res.Act in 1913, when they already own all the wealth in the world. Or, still expend what seems like about 90% of their efforts, FRN's on propaganda and mass brainwashing via MSM, if they were and are 'always in control.'

They truly are like bodysnatchers: they WANT to control our Minds, controlling the body is a mere derivative act of a conquered mind.

They need us to police ourselves and each other, as they've always been but a few, and we the Free Humanity, many.

They NEED our active, willful compliance and acquiescence.

Just like how in EVERY single tyranny, at one point the despot was initially VOTED in, popularly; 'masters' in fact, NEED 'slaves' more than the slaves deluding they need masters.

Even in the American Slavery experience, the slave him/herself has to tell oneself that being under the thumbs of a master, being housed, fed, worked, told when/where/what to do/go/eat/sleep the regimented life (hm...awfully sounds similar to military and public indoctrinations centers) would be more preferable, than the prospect of going out and living his/her life on their own.

Slavery ALWAYS requires a WILLFUL compliance, be it subtle, or openly so.

It maybe cliche, but many of us so often forget just how powerful an individual spirit is, and can be. This is why it always bemused me when people in MSM or 'looking over the shoulder to see what will be a popularly accepted opinion'-sheeple who profess to NOT 'believe in conspiracy theories' mull the question, without any irony: "If you're so and so, then why HAVEN'T they killed you yet?"

Some answer, rather neurotic and narcissistically: "then, they'll prove me right and all of my work. and, will make a martyr of me."

Sure, I'm certain there are those people in the world, perhaps making a martyr out of them would not be favorable to the PTB.

But frankly I believe, after studying publicly available history, as much as one who is interested in these matters can 'indulge,' I've come to the conclusion that at the end of the day, the PTB mull and weigh things in more consequentialist fashion, within a specific issue, within the confines of a probable fallout, more than we give them credit for.

Sure, we ALL know that they don't blink at the prospect of murdering millions abroad. Domestically, it's always been a balancing act.

Just like any dictators of yore, there's a revolt scale among the slaves. Whatever that 'line in the sand' or 'Crossing the Rubicon' is, differ from culture to cultures.

The problem ALWAYS occurs when the PTB cross that proverbial 'line in the sand,' or 'force' the slaves' hands, too soon, PUBLICLY.

Thus, if the PTB were to quietly dispatch a few extremely well versed researchers, while well known among a specific demographic of those who financially and morally support him/her, it's a wholly different issue if that same target has an ACTIVE, driven cadre of 'fans' behind him/her.

Thus there is NO WAY in HELL they'd touch someone like Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul: there's are MILLIONS of fervent souls, who actually WOULD do 'something' about it, if that were to happen. Now, someone like Alex Jones, is a whole different level of headaches for them. He has activist fans. Period. That is a huge variable that in no way can the PTB ever control; they can run multiple wargames on variables, but human element has always been the constant variable in their equations.

Sure, some human behaviors are predictable depending on stimuli, within a particular range. But that's why the stimuli-predictable people are sheeple. The few are the variables that they cannot fully account for. Thus the 24/7/365 propaganda, to minimize the variable in no way can they control, as much as they can, IMO.

So, I'm of the mind that 'martyrdom' per-se is not their core concern, though it's a by-product result that they DO NOT want, if they can help it. Observing them, it seems it's a more broader sense of consequentialist/blowback calculation.

So if one were to develop a formula, an IVR, an 'Incalculable Variable Response'-index of sorts, say higher the number indicates higher unpredictability, say compare the three: Alex Jones, Sibel Edmonds, and Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul.

Sibel has DEEP intel sources, who know where all the dirty laundry are buried. I have no doubt she has an 'insurance' package. Her 'fans' by scale are much smaller than RP or AJ, but the damage done, if they move on her, may have uncontrollable ripple effects among those who may actually do 'something' about it. Obviously it's all speculation on my part. But I'd submit that if one were to apply an educated geopolitical guesstimate, that, would be the reason why they wouldn't move on her.

RP, has an open, vast movement inspired by him. 90% of which I'd assume (as presumptuous as that maybe, let us mull that for the sake of discussion) are purely intellectual and peaceful. The 10% is the real variable that they'd have no control over. Plus, let's not discount the age factor. Where the PTB stand, it'll be easier to spin that story as a 'natural cause.' But the reverberation variable will be more limited, the longer the PTB wait.

AJ, is a whole other animal.

His fan base, ARE activists. Period.

They are fervent. Period.

Can't put a percentage on it, but his base, are Millions worldwide who hold a very particular, and firm beliefs and understandings about the world. There is no two ways about it: they view the entire Ruling Class structure and their minions as scums, period.

Now, for the sake of discussion, the PTB views them as "crazy." Well, here's the thing about crazy: "smart people" are predictable, the "crazy" are not.

With that fact alone, if one were the deciding agent among the PTB, whom would you choose to move on first: the predictables, or the unpredictables?

Thus, I'd say that the 'Incalculable Variable Response'-index for AJ is in fact the highest, then RP, followed by SE.

It's obvious now, that they're accelerating their surveillance grid, and the coming inevitable currency collapse.

So as far as those specific 'gadfly' individuals of variable concerns, the PTB may just have no choice but to stick to their plans, and let the incalculable variables fall where they may.

Then again, I'm just guessing, and I could be completely wrong.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul