Comment: anyone got a scorecard?

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anyone got a scorecard? far, fundamental/orthodox Christians are getting a good whooping by ignorant professing patriots who claim this movement parallels our founding...

I want some essays on how Liberty is achieved and lasting and sustainable through democratic majority of moral relativism, and I want to read their side's God-less Declaration of Independence.... That will usher in the progressive libertarian utopia(that they think Thomas Jefferson championed in violent opposition to all those moronic Christians that he interacted with his whole political career!) ;where hate speech is preaching against abortion and homosexuality as destructive to life and the family.

Ahhh, the right NOT to be offended, by religionists parroting the recommendations found in Scripture that say it's really not 'your' body; actions beget consequences...from where...the Creator, nature's God...the vices common to man should be avoided, covetousness, lust, envy, greed...all bad...already spoken against, in that dusty old book that says " For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is..."; has anyone proved otherwise?