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Comment: Tom Woods thoughts

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Tom Woods thoughts

We just had Tom Woods speak to our Young Americans for Liberty chapters the week this passed (We also had Texas' own Cody Wilson, the gentleman who has 3D printed the first working firearm).

Tom, was beside himself, stating "this is likely one of the strongest nullification bills ever to pass a State legislator." We would LOVE to see Tom champion the fight in his town of Topeka so send him your encouragement.

There has subsequently been a challenge from Eric Holder and a rebuff by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Governor Sam Brownback, with very strong words held by all parties.

This is big news and needs to be spread far and wide.
In addition the two 2nd Amendment bills passed:
-Will allow students to conceal carry on all public campus' statewide if the security requirements for public buildings is not met by 2017.
-Will protect all ammunition and firearms produced in the state to from federal regulation.
-A lesser known knife bill which extends many of these rights as well to knives.

Don't mess with Kansas!

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