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And to the Republic for Which We Stand

Civil Disobedience; an interesting suggestion. It is more interesting how Americans need to resort to this practice to show how many of our rights we have allowed to be taken away. We must stand together, and what better place than our own District of Columbia.

We Americans must show the world we still run our government. If a firefight ensues we show the world our government is not run under a Constitution, but run under the same doctrine as the Soviet Union, and China of the past.

Adam deserves credit for putting this together. I am in support of him 100%. Veterans must stand together. Why did we all wear a uniform? Was it to see our Liberty and Constitution taken away? As an Air Force veteran I say NO.

Not to be at this event sends the message we don’t care if we lose our God given rights. We must be willing to show We the People still exist, and will always be there for other Americans who believe in our Republic.

This event is a show of our strength.

We are the Militia.

We are America.