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Granger, I don't entirely disagree with you, but....

I see things differently to you.
I don't think Palestine becoming a State was a good thing. Have you seen what the UN does to "rouge" States? It obliterates them in prolonged bombings, abject misery and destroyed infrastructure. Once this is declared on Palestine (and it will, in time) there will be no going back. Fist the problem countries need to be dealt to... Syria and Iran.
At this stage of the game, American people need to wake up to themselves and realize that the US Government has been totally hijacked by Global Business, with all ties leading back to the UN and Agenda 21. We will still vote for our Selected-to-be-elected, but all laws will come from the UN, and your 4 year term "mouth piece", will deliver them. The UN will also have control of the Western worlds military, a tax payer funded "toy" for the BIG BOYS.
Who exactly does Israel need to "protect" herself from? She has enough hi tech weaponry to blow the entire planet to pieces.
A truly evil cabal of people have this amazing planet in their grasp...and the only thing between them and victory