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I understand

I once saw things as you, and others here. If it wasn't for Ron Paul saying Israel is our friend, I wouldn't have changed my perspective.. but I think friend is not a word the Paul's use lightly. So I begun investigating, and now I see things different than you. I honestly believe we are being programed by the global business, which definately includes MSM/ internet, to reject Israel and the USA.. because so many in Israel and the USA share the same goal.. sovreignity to do what we want, to defend ourselves, that is not what global agenda of corporate monoplies want.

Elections becomming rackets is part of the corporate corruption, and why I got into the GOP, that if I want change, I need to be part of that change, from more than observation and checking a box on a ballot.

The Neocons was to sustain the conflict in Israel in the name of supporting Israel. Ron and rand want to free Israel and America so Israel can do what she needs to do to thrive.. the majority of the Arabs support Israela and want to enjoy the technology and science/arts Israel has as a cosmopolitain place, rather than been ruled by Allah.. they too, like Palestine want sovreignity..

I look forward to reading or hearing what Ron and or Rand have to say on this issue (I fear they will say nothing).