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Comment: Catholics are Christian

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Catholics are Christian

but Christians are not catholics.

I have not read where my Bible tells me to not turn my back on the Jews. I wanted to throw a Sadar dinner for educational purposes and one preist told me absolutely NOT, Jews don't accept Jesus as the savior. And another preist was open to it, but wound up being too busy to talk about it again.

I found the link you gave me kinda creepy cultish.. and it may be true for some Christians, as there are to my understanding over 300 registered Christian denominations in the USA.. but it's not been my education (Catechism) or understanding (Church is interested in my soul, not my political opinions).

My Bible encourages me to go to Israel, to see the places they are talking about. And I would like to go because they speak English, have lots of culture, science, literature, arts and freedom.

To me Jill.. I see Israel working to become a nation state and independent and I see the UN and neoliberal and neocons entangling Israel in the name of support.

I don't want the USA to be entangled with Israel, but I would like to be able to trade and travel, and so I support Israel as an independent state.. and to me, that is why Israel is a friend to Ron and Rand.. Israel is not seeking to own the world, they are seeking to stop being subject to the hate of the world. We live in a world where up is down.. we are all being lied to constantly.

I believe the global powers regret creating Israel, because in their devious idea to purge their countries from Jews, they wound up creating a place where the most brilliant minds (of all races) in the world meet, debate and advance the human race more than anyone.. if Israel can design it, China can build it.. and that's why the USA remains entangled.. we're making ourselves irrelevant except as global police grunts.