Comment: This happend in a local high school in 1985

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This happend in a local high school in 1985

I know of a couple people that were busted. I actually met the narc. Looking back, it was evident that she was a bit older it seemed...but kids that age are naive. She was pretty and won the trust of many. It was unfathomable that one would go to great lengths to bust some school kids. In the end, IMO, she did no good for anyone. She busted some kids whom where just experimenting and forging their post adolescence stage. I know many that have done just that and turned out to be awesome productive people. IMO, she ruined quite a few people's lives. A breach of trust that tainted their view upon their fellow man.
Education and love is the key, not underhanded actions that ruin people's lives. I find it rather disgusting...the lack of understanding.