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Excellent post

We won the battle and lost the war. Kent State was a pivotal event in the history of the Vietnam war and US history on general. After Kent State the estabishments defense of the war became untenable. The anti war movement gained support and a militancy that was absent before. A lot of middle class parents didn't appreciate their kids getting drafted and maybe killed for an abstraction of cold war BS. Kinda like today only worse. The war was essentially over except for "Peace with Honor".

Ten years later Reagan was president and the US marched on throughout the world. This time with a "volunteer" army. Brilliant. Intervention without protest - at least anything threatening.

Today we have another 10 year war and Vietnam make all our clothes and has legalized gay marriage. Great job Boomers (and I'm one myself.).

A year after Kent State I participated in the May Day protest where I bravely ran from the DC riot police(but hey I was only 16). By '73 Nixon was going down for the count and 'nam was over all but the shouting and tens and hundreds of thousands we had left to their fatte.
But Kissenger is *still* running his mouth as an "expert" on foreign policy.