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I got

to talk with Zak this afternoon. I spent several days with Zak when he stayed here in Austin. He is one of the most dedicated activists I have met through this campaign, and I have a great deal of respect for not only what he went through in Iraq and abroad, but more importantly what he's done since he's come home. The guy is a machine with a can do attitude, and the work ethic to back it up.

He is in a position to not only help shape the board of directors for this network but the CONTENT itself. He's even in a position to influence what the actual NAME of the network could be.

He's put this forward to harvest ideas since the DP is a great place to forge them. Instead of poking fun at the hosts, the name, or whatever, why not offer some suggestions or solutions and be a part of this growing idea?

This seems like a tremendous opportunity for ALL of us to have a say in how this goes forward, and it could have some serious backing as they are talking to some folks with some very deep wallets.

Some people complain about never being able to go "mainstream" but when the opportunity arises, they want to be the first to try and tear it down by saying "so and so isn't a true this or pure that."

I for one applaud Zak's efforts. It's a hell of a lot more than I am doing right now. I know that he is sincere and honest and will help however I can.

Use this opportunity to help by being a constructive outside perspective. Help shape the idea so when it does hit the "mainstream" it will be something that WE helped create and be something powerful.

If you have ideas for a name, or a slogan, or the type of content, or who you would like to see running or backing it. Now is your chance.

After all we were the ones who came up with the slogan "Restore America Now" (which I think was taken from here)

Whenever these brainstorming opportunities arise, I can't help but be reminded of the movie "crazy people."