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did you know butterflies taste thru their "feet"
shocked me

anyway--- remember this story and headlines from a couple years ago

11-year-old saves baby bird’s life, gets fined $535 (UPDATE)
11yr-Old Girl Saves Baby Bird From Cat, Mom Gets $535 Fine

it's like we've lost the ability to practice common sense

i love watching these little birds,,,, so amazing

also---read they are quite the fighters---- when they all meet during their journey south and there many stop overs to eat and rest,,, they can get nasty at there shindigs and battle

"The fall migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds, the only hummingbird regularly found east of the Mississippi River, is on, and the past few weeks have seen huge numbers pass through the Fox Valley. Not only are these long-distance wanderers hungry as they wing south, they are also quite feisty. Where multiple birds congregated together, wild chases and aggressive fights, along with some good old sweet romance filled the air."