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Ethanol is cheaper to make

Ethanol is cheaper to make then gasoline. Your right corn is not the best its in the middle somewhere sweet sorghum is as good or better then sugar cane and can grow anywhere corn does and often get two cuttings from it.

It does not require more Ethanol to do the same amount of work as gasoline. Ethanol does not have the btu's that gasoline does but that does not translate to the same as efficiency or work performed. It only takes more ethanol in engines tuned for gasoline to do the same work. A properly tuned engine for ethanol will get as good or better mileage then gasoline and more power and is more efficient burns clean etc. Gasoline is only 20% efficient most of it goes out your tail pipe unburned! Which is why they have forced catalytic converters etc.

Ethanol can also be used on diesel engines and jet engines with the proper tuning.

From 1988 and up most cars will run 50% - 80% ethanol no problem. With some minor tuning they can run 100% no problem. It is still better to tune them for ethanol so they are more efficient.

Like I said big oil anti-ethanol propaganda has been very successful at spreading myths about ethanol. Everything bad you have heard about ethanol is propaganda and can be be traced back to one professor on the standard oil payroll...

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