Comment: He's winning because he joined the enemies side

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He's winning because he joined the enemies side


There is an old saying, if you can't beat them, join them. This is an example of that. We should all join there side of things. We can corrupt the already corrupt system. All corrupt systems fall, let us speed up the process. The question is who will take control of our masters when they fall? The way the libertarians have been doing things have not worked. Time to change tactics, do whatever is necessary to win. Fake being a democrat or republican, cheer on the war machine, cheer on higher taxes, or lower taxes, education, drones, anti-terrorist, etc etc... Of course I speak only of those who are running for any level of power. For us to win we must walk around in wolfs clothing for awhile. Of course I would say record everything, for those recordings might be useful later on.