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They are not

They are not a sovreign state but an UN adopted creation that has disputed borders from before time recorded. It's why the sovreign nations that helped create modern Israel, fund, protect, entangle themselves as soveriegn nations, and as UN representatives of sovreign nations.

Israel does not want to be a paracite and why they acted on their own recently, and now appear to be going into negotioantion with Palestine, and China hosting, becaue palestine for the first time, respected Israel as a sovreign state. Ron and Rand are telling the truth about Israel, who is our friend, MSM lies, and that's all we get to perpetuate an entanglement and fraud. Folks here can't see past the fraud. "OH Look at Israel that murdering thug bankers NWO satanhood NWO, on and on".. they can't find one good thing to say about a creation Ron and Rand call FRIEND, and not with sarcasm.

Saying "we've forgotten" is incorrect.. most people don't know, amd many don't have the capacity to know, or actually comprehend that we've been mislead, dumbed down, drugged, and definately manipulated for decades, like Chinese water torture,, drip by drip, day by day.. people can't seem to jump from the frying pan into the fire quick enough.