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So you woke up one day and was magically a hardcore libertarian? Where do you suggest we start if liberty 101 is not the place?

No one is talking about watering down the message you have to get them to listen first. If you just blast them with an A to Z shit list they won't even listen. Millions come home turn on the TV and let their guard down to what ever propaganda is on the tube and we see the results. We have to get on that playing field to turn the tide before we are in full lock down.

You guys that want all or nothing would have us sit on our thumbs if you don't agree with every little thing rather then take a few steps forward.

No journey is completed in one step. It takes many to get to the destination. Some of them may be missteps but then you have learned and can correct course...

We have not even been in on the same playing field as the enemies of freedom. This gets us on that field and we can promote liberty to these same people in a manner they are accustomed to hearing things promoted instead of the crap they normally get. Someone has got to do it!

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