Comment: Update: 5/5/2013 - Yeah Tank is Done and Cycling!

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Update: 5/5/2013 - Yeah Tank is Done and Cycling!

Update: 5/5/2013

Yeah!!! The tank is done everything is plumbed and the cycling has started!!! Just working on timing the flood and drain and doing some tweaking. I discovered one of the siphons just acted like continues flow and would not drain and then flood. Problem was I raised the end of the drain head so it was down hill a bit but this raised the pipe underneath the grow bed so it was a little uphill causing enough back pressure to keep the full siphon from starting. Solution cut the riser a little bit that the drain header connects to so the drain is down a hill still but the pipe underneath is now also down hill a little. I also put an air vent in the end cap of the drain header (drilled a small hole)

Anyways here is the finished product except I still need to make a cover for the fish tank till I get the green house room built. Right now I am just throwing a tarp over it so I don't get an algae bloom from the sun. Also going to make a box for the pump, and the wife wants an Egyptian obelisk to cover the return pipe to the tank but that in due time. Want to get it cycled and get some fish and plants in it first.

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