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"Big deal"

I read the "big deal" comments on this thread and shake my head. It is true that people can machine their own weapons before this plastic gun idea came about. Heck, I've even seen a forum thread where a guy documented making an AK47 out of a flat shovel. However, I see a similarity to free speech. I can imagine that the same "big deal" comments came about with the onset of the internet. "Big deal, people have been printing newspapers and books for centuries, anyone can do it." Despite the technology being there, not everyone had a small printing press and put out newsletters, etc.

I see this becoming huge in a different way: Rendering the big gun manufacturers obsolete. Think about that for a minute. Would you pay several hundred to several thousand dollars if you could print a gun at home for less? Companies like Remington and S&W might find them struggling the way the printed newspaper companies find themselves struggling. I doubt DHS will be printing guns any time soon, if ever. I think gun ownership is somewhere around 25% here in the US, and way lower worldwide. However, 3D printer ownership may go extremely high within the next 20 years. If that is the case, then 100% gun ownership is really only a few hours away at that point, depending on printer speeds.

Currently, freedom is a background check away and for some states, 3 to 7 days, even longer in some states and entirely forbidden in most nations. With 3D printed guns, freedom is only as far away as the nearest 3D printer. 7 billion people in this world, tyranny is screwed if they all start printing guns.