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they disclose what they want you to think.

I am not in a neocon bubble. The Neocons are now saying Israel is respinsible for the chemical weapons in Syria.

BS is leading his quest.. this would never be allowed in a court (well what am I thinking.. in a court of justice.. if there is one).

President Assad is a shiite and they are very conservative (fascist).. the majority of the population is sunni.. which, like Israel's freedom.. and that is why Assad has murdered 70K people and displaced over a million..

to me the guest is not answering the question.. instead he is defending Assad.. and he talks like if he's got a gun pointing at him from off camera..

The rebels want what Israel has.. when he talks about sunni he breaks up.. he says sunni are like Chirstians.. right.. infidels to shiites..

The interveiwer is twisting his own story.

the interveiwer thinks BS's program is not controlled by the government? Come on ((((((((sharky))))))))

Right they want to get along with Israel.. what is this gy some UN stoooge? Come on ((((sharky))))))) this is full if it disclosure.