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Israel was chosen and built up by GOD, America is a nation chosen and built by man. Israel didn't remain faithful to GOD, America never has been faithful to GOD. Israel was special in GODs eyes, America is no more special than Russia or Cuba in GODs eyes.

For those of you who still don't get it. Yahweh made a covenant with the nation of Israel that if they would keep His Laws then they would enter the promised land and be His people and He would be there elohim but they as a nation rebelled and rejected His Law so He ended that Covenant. At the same time He ended that covenant He established a new covenant with everyone as INDIVIDUALS that if we keep His Laws then we will enter His Kingdom and He would be our Father and we His sons.

America is a nation of men, built by men for the advancement of man. Why would He be interested in saving a society that rejects Him by design? America is the same as Rome where the false Christianity that this country is built upon originates. American Christians reject His Laws in favor of paganism and self righteousness. Why would He have more favor in an American Christian than a Christian who lives in Ethiopia or Iran or any other Nation? The answer is He doesn't.