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I disagree.

I hear you, understand your point, but for waking people up, a full slate of "programming" would be a very helpful tool.
And for me, I don't even have a TV, and I miss comedy. I like to laugh, still. I recently discovered "JoyCamp" youtube channel, and I love it. Some is better than others, but none of it is dumbed down, lie spewing BS. Although he is a little "lefty" I also like Lee Camp, he makes jokes of the truth, and I appreciate the laughter.
Having one hour a day of cartoons that are not "social engineering" would be a blessing for many mothers of young kids. Not all day, I agree, but a little time for Mom to do some housework, take a shower, even just sit down and relax herself - these are good things. The TV is the most vile mass hypnosis tool ever devised, but it does not have to be that way. I t could have been, and still can bave, the greatest tool for mass education ever devised.
Hey Zak, if you need a backyard garden correspondent, I'm your huckleberry - lol!

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