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I agree Micha68

I don't believe Netanyahu has a easy job, and represents people who are so angry because.. and I saw this a number of years.. 2001? ago, Imagine being born and raised in a prison because you Mom was Jewish, and then you are deported to a place youve never been, Israel, where you have to fight for your life. All you've ever known is war. You know you are a good kind, generous, caring person.. you ask? Why me? And people you don't know tell you that you are the scum of the Earth for being Israeli.. they hate you.. it's hard to apply the golden rule because they never had one, eh?

I've been following the Islam/Arab Spring, and to me, the rebels are Arabs who appeciate western technology and have no probelm with Israel.. Assad in Syria has a problem with Israel because he's shia, a minority. The Al-Qaeda and Moussad don't need to be involved because the truth is.. the majority of Syrians want to advance with the human race, not be fored to bow to Allah, or be punished if they didn't..