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Oh, the irony of your

Oh, the irony of your comment's title. "So you're both ignorant and arrogant about it."

You must have tons of entrepreneur friends. I'm just glad you weren't close friends of the Wright brothers or others like that because you certainly would have put a damper on their potential.

There is a difference between starting an endeavour which has never been done before ie flying, and trying to take-over something which already exists and the government/corporations/banks already holds a monopoly over ie currency; I certainly hope you can see the difference.

To be clear, this is my last comment attempt to explain the most basic of functions to you.

Actually, you are trying to convince me of something which is blatantly false; there are no basic functions to which stand factual in your argument. I've tried to point that out to you, however, you want to believe in fantasies, and therefore you are lost.

We have a market. It's not a free market. It's facilitated by our central bank via their monopoly over currency in conjunction with our government and hiding behind a veil of government facade. They mandate that government related transactions are done in fiat dollars (FRNs) and through regulation, they can force companies who report where and how they spend money, to do so also in FRNs. They also manipulate virtually every single market via subsidies and tax rates and favoritism via lobbying and other such means. Both these entities wield great power over all our economy. This skews things tremendously and causes vast increases in costs because it completely shuts out the little start-up companies from competing with the entrenched multi-national conglomerates. The resulting cost to the consumer is rather hard to calculate accurately but could be estimated to range from an extra 10% to north of 50%. This is current and hopefully, we're still on the same page. If you don't understand that much or can't agree with the level of overhead, then stop reading now because the following hinges on this.

This is about the most accurate of things which you have written thus-far. Finally you admit that the Free Market does not exist, and yet in such revelation you refuse to see that Bitcoin will note emerge as you have predicted because of this very fact. You continue on and on and on and you forget one thing, and that is that the cost is directly related to maintaining of the shipping lanes aka not having ones stuff confiscated at the ports or air terminals. Since damn near all of our product are manufactured elsewhere, this means that the products need to be shipped in. Now, the government could easily hold things at a port or air terminal, if a company refused to pay taxes, and then the company would go out of business, because they would have no product to sell.

If you were to say that this wouldn't happen, then maybe you should look into Gibson guitars, and how the US government forced them to halt production and future sales over some wood legally acquired. You should investigate how two fire teams raided the Gibson guitar factory over this wood and scared everybody. While Gibson guitars didn't go out of business, it was due to Gibson being such a huge company with plenty of money on hand and that they were able via a judge to resume operations -without the particular wood- before the trial started. If this was a smaller company or a company whose entire merchandise what seized, then they would have been done.

Given that 30% (mean number for brevity) is wasted on all products, this leaves lots of room for competition. The reason is simple but often missed by 'big picture' people such as yourself. Profit margins are rather small, percentage-wise, compared to the total retail price of a product. Knocking 30% off the retail price and not altering anything else means that all can go to the profit category. Magically, a company's profit just went from 3% to 33% (or so). This is a tenfold (back to brevity) increase in profits.

You do realize that with more competition, the companies make less money right? If I'm one of three companies allowed to sell widgets, then I know that all three companies want to maximize profits, and with zero other competition we could charge more than a market would typically allow, because there is only three companies selling widgets and widgets are needed. If there was the potential for unlimited competition then my company and the other two companies wouldn't be able to maximize our profits as effectively -this would be bad for the three businesses. Do you really think Walmart wants the potential for unlimited competition? How about, Home Depot? What about Best Buy? Also, you are mixing business operations. The Walmarts and Home Depot and such do not pay all of that money, that money is paid for on their behalf by the individual tax payers and small businesses via the tax schemes in-place which only a team of tax accountants and lawyers are able to find -this places it out of the reach of the working class, and the small businesses. You should really learn how the tax system works and how the regulatory system and the IP system work, also there are price controls via the government which makes it illegal for a company to basically undercut the price -usually 200% of the production cost of the item is the lowest the item is allowed to be sold for, there is only a small window in most cases for price competition. This benefits the large companies and none of the major corporations will ever go against the US government because why would they actually want to have to compete for revenue?

You keep bringing-up TOR, Bittorrent, Mesh Networks, and such; I really don't think you know what this stuff is used for, where it came from, or how it works. TOR, which is an acronym for The Onion Router was created by the US Navy. To use it for illegal transactions is about as intelligent as if the US and UK would have started using Enigma Machines for Top Secret Communiques during WWII. It is not only not secure from the US government but Anonymous showed last year that it wasn't that secure from outsiders either -when they exposed Child Porn people. Bittorrent, is a protocol for transferring files/information in definite sizes: like ebooks, movies, songs, etc. Bittorrent is not secure, not even using trackerless torrents and magnetlinks; I'm still not sure what this would have to do with business anyway, other then to sell digital information, and if that is the case then people could just get it for free anyway. So that makes no sense.

Mesh Networks, I seriously don't think you know what these are nor how they work. There are a couple different ways in which a Mesh Network works: one is if everybody in a local area connects to a wireless router either wirelessly or with a ethernet cable or a combination of the two and the second is when on computer connects to another computer using only the wireless antenna on the computer or possibly utilizing many NICs to connect to multiple computers. No matter what is chosen latency occurs as the Network expands outward, even more-so when it is a wireless network without utilizing a wireless router. To connect Uganda to the the US, the Network would have to go from Africa through the Middle East, up through Russia, connect and go through Alaska, travel through Canada and then arrive in the US. To have two-way communication this way would be extremely time consuming. There would be a possible way in the future to improve this without using either the existing internet backbone or satellites, but it does not exist right now.

Long story short, with what is already available and in use today, people can start and run a cloud based, floating, un-trackable exchange, business or service with their mesh connected laptop or cell phone even if the power and internet backbone is down.

Cloud computing solutions are provided by large companies who benefit greatly from state control; they are hardly going to maintain a service for a company or group of people which government tells them(the corporation) to stop service to. I already explained Mesh Networks, so I don't think I have to explain that again.

How long before someone runs an encrypted, peer-style exchange from uganda to offer instant and free service because they are selling ads on their site to make money?

If you knew how networks and Mesh Networks worked then you would know that what you've just described is impossible without the actual Internet Backbone which is created by companies which depend of government to limit their competition. The companies which basically own the internet backbone would aid the government in ending that type of network. Also, if it was to be a truly Mesh network, then the lag or latency from going from Uganda to wherever would be so great that it would certainly not be instant. Just more evidence that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Any more negativity, save it.

So basically what you are saying is that I should stop making you look foolish; and if people don't agree with you, then they just shouldn't post.

Oh, and you can't possibly be so technologically inept to think a nuke in the sky will kill the internet, can you?

Actually, it would destroy most electronic equipment, including personal computers -there goes the Mesh Network. It would also destroy those big transformers at the power plants and the transformers at the power sub-stations. Without those, you would not have power for a very long time. Some of those transformers are on back order and it takes about three years to make one of the really big transformers. How would the transformers get made without power to operate the machines which make them? You really have limit understanding of technology. You parrot and optimistically inflate the actual capabilities of technology which someone else has told you, and this only makes what you say that much more ridiculous. BTW, those transformers of which I speak are not EMP proof. There were Senate hearings concerning their vulnerabilities last year or the year before; however, it would cost way too much money to insulate those transformers and therefore the government didn't do it.

Furthermore, Angieslist is a paid subscriber service company which pays taxes; if you wanted to know. It therefore relies on IP protection via the government to keep it relevant; it would never risk its protection.

With bitcoin, he can keep large (over that pesky $5k transaction limit) transfers completely private. He can design and build his system FOR HIS FIRST CUSTOMER and test it in place (with some creative warranties for their risk). He can follow nothing more than the local electrical code (more than safe enough for solar). This can generate revenue early enough for him to begin on a shoestring. Sure his system won't qualify for those subsidies but there is at least that much waste in the big players' business model anyway, so he's still under them. As he gets going a little, he's essentially tax free (if he chooses) so he can buy factory equipment much cheaper (because it's not financed with stocks) and things take off from there. I'm not making any judgement calls on tax evasion but I am showing how the big corporations can be undercut.

Why don't you do it? You know damn well, that your government would stormtroop into the place and possibly kill people just because they can. Also, you underestimate the government which will only end badly for you, unless you are intentionally misleading people. If they killed two people and spent millions of dollars just because of a $200 tax stamp (Ruby Ridge), or they killed nearly everybody and spend millions of dollars -first they said because of guns and then they said because of child abuse in reality it was neither- at Waco, then they spend thousand of dollars if not millions over legal wood at Gibson guitars, then spend thousands of dollars and send a twenty member SWAT team to go after a single Amish farmer in PA for selling 'Raw' milk to somebody who transported it over state lines, I could go on and on; I certainly hope you get the point, which is that the government would do whatever it had to so it could keep power, and the majority of people would go along with it anyway even without violence. Continuing, the people which your example rely on are wealthy people, these people are not going to risk everything for you or me by standing-up to the government, so you should really stop dreaming. If you want to work outside of the government and their tax system, then that is up to you, and you should probably start at the local level in meatspace as opposed to cyberspace.

You say you want to start small, but as soon as you enter the internet, then it already becomes a Federal Government issue which has unlimited resources.