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Comment: I look forward to watching it.

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I look forward to watching it.

Thank you.. I don't have 43 minutes at the moment.. but as soon as I do, I will watch and respond. Again, THANK YOU.

I'm 4 minutes into it.. the soldier by the beautiful waterfall is speaking.. the man before said Jews lived in Syria.. nobody questions, nobody cares.. they all get along and what is happening is unconscionable.

Now the soldier.. what he is saying to me, is that WESTERN INFLUENCE.. some here immediate think CIA, Moussad, Al-Qaeda.. I think music, blue jeans, no scarves, smoking.. To me the conflict right now is as if the militant Amish are controlling the country and the Baptists want freedom to use electricty...

More later when I have time to watch and, THANK YOU.

Back and watching;nearly 6 minutes, the soldier is talking to the camera crew as if the crew had permission from the Syrian government.. so this is biased having permission from the very government the rebels are protesting

The soldiers askes> WHAT DO THEY WANT? FREEDOM? (Ron Paul says "Freedom is popular"... eh?)

I'm getting the idea, most of teh skirmishes are showing rebels spoils, and the Syrian govet troops say they are fake muslims and they find DRUGS in their pockets. I couldn;'t help but think that what the rebels are doing to the Syrian govt. is what I've heard Americans wish they could do to Clinton, Bush, Obama.. @ 11:00

@ 12 mins.. the woman.. her argument is what Israel has been saying for decades.. now she says it.. and what am I hearing.. we have American and Israelis going to Syria, doing drugs, bombing for freedom and yelling ackbar when they disect humans? Because America and Israel does not like them?

@ 14 minutes.. this man has gone from "we love enerybody" to showing he certian;ly does not like people who do drugs.. this is looking pretty shabby production...

70K killed and 1 million displaces.. the govt is saying the rebels (Americans and Israelis) did this.. I guess the DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM killed these people.. and the rebels say it's the govt.. and does this ever play the other side ot is this one sided?

At 21:30 the story line.. the government admit it lies.. LOL but this is the whole truth? She admits she is on the side of the govt.

@30.. the guy asking, "would you want these democrats ruling your country? freedom fighters.. I'm glad Ron Paul supporters are Republicans,

At 34.. they show a Church and it's sound system in the tower.. they are playing classical music (Western) and blow up the Church with editing. Hmmm

So far, the army is discribing it's self as national martyrs.

@37:00 they talk about what fun they have...

"they smole and laugh like nothing happened".

OK.. Iit ends with Hiollary, and it had made a reference earlier, over-dub of Obama saying the Syrian government needs to not shoot the protesters.

Here's some facts

election results: Bashar al-ASAD approved as president; percent of vote - Bashar al-ASAD 97.6%, other 2.4% (and you thought we had unfair elections? ASAD is not Sunni)

Government type: republic under an authoritarian regime

Sunni Muslim (Islam - official) 74%, other Muslim (includes Alawite, Druze) 16%, Christian (various denominations) 10%, Jewish (tiny communities in Damascus, Al Qamishli, and Aleppo)

Age structure:

0-14 years: 33.9% (male 3,900,073/female 3,707,117)

15-24 years: 20.8% (male 2,387,006/female 2,285,496)

25-54 years: 36.9% (male 4,214,621/female 4,075,181)

55-64 years: 4.6% (male 504,422/female 517,413)

65 years and over: 3.9% (male 395,806/female 470,201) (2013 est.)

population pyramid:

Median age:

total: 22.7 years

male: 22.5 years

female: 22.9 years (2013 est.)

LGBT rights don't exist in Syria.. it's prison for three years

even rebels burn marijuana feilds