Comment: insulted me already

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insulted me already

....and I still think several conspiracy theorists are (if you believe in crises actors, shape shifting aliens living among us, or bigfoot you fall in this category). ...

I don't "believe" anything and your use of this word shows you've got miles to go before you "see the matrix"
I don't even "believe" in God .... I know it <> but that's personal <>
... before you go spouting off about your "beliefs" ( their can't be shape-shifting alien beings , there can't be a large hairy wild hominid living in wilderness, their can't have been crisis actors despite numerous mention of exactly that on DHS website , etc etc ) I suggest you do the following:

1. kill your television
2. block out all corporate liar media
3. clear your mind
4. read Sherlock Holmes books

I don't "believe" ... I simply listen to all the evidence