Comment: WE my A$$

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WE my A$$

How many times did he TELL the people he was speaking in front of WHAT THEY BELIEVE? about 10.

I'd like for Barry to give a list of 5 or ten things that a population would experience if a government was becoming tyranical and see just how many we could check off that list.

Massive money printing to support undeclared wars. Check.
Massive Militarized police state. Check
Detention without charge or trial. Check
Torture codifed under federal law. Check
Civil liberties systematically destroyed. Check
Non-stop attempts to disarm law abiding citizens. Check
Promotion of welfare and dependence on the State for Food. Check.
Government officials specifically telling people the government is not tyranical. Check.

We are following every pillar listed in the communist manifesto. What more proof do we need?