Comment: I pass out flyers and articles every single day

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I pass out flyers and articles every single day

I keep a pile of various articles and other information (like stuff about 9/11 and the federal reserve) in my car and anytime I find a place I can put 1 or 10...I do it. I devoloped a knack for finding clever places to put material when I used to guerilla campaign for Ron Paul.

I love tossing things into open car windows in the parking lots of cars. I even tossed a RP super flyer into a running police car that was parked in front of a bank back when I was doing the RP stuff.

I also put articles and info into those newspaper racks that are outside quick stops and stores that offer FREE periodicals.

I've put stuff inside stores on the magazine racks...hell, anywhere I think even 1 person may pick it up...I put it. It makes me feel great when I get a lot distributed.

I'll know things are reaching a tipping point when I come across someone ELSE's efforts other than just mine...but for now...I just keep soldiering on. :-)