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Fundamental error in your thinking

if you're not being ironic here.

Your argument is essentially Marxist....Everyone is seeking unearned profit and will prey on the weak and destroy everything without a government parent to threaten them with spankings and groundings.

PEOPLE organized our all-powerful state to protect their property. You have no idea, whatsoever, what PEOPLE would organize to protect their property in the absence of an all-powerful state.

The first thing to understand is that only the tiniest percentage of people want to do harm to others, and that percentage is largely a by-product of government policy....Public school morons, businesses connected to government, politicians, indoctrinated fools.

Without an all-powerful state distorting behaviors what you would have, in all likelihood, is people organizing to protect their property by creating systems and alliances under which everyone's property is protected....this is the only sure way to protect your property: make property protection the standard.

Contracts such as loans would be honored due to the obvious situation that both parties in almost all instances want the benefit of what is outlined in the contract, and want to be able to contract for other things in the future.

Your thinking assumes the opposite of sane human behavior, which is cooperation and good will for the sake of social acceptance and advancement.

You're assuming insane behavior, because you're only imagining the behaviors of a population made insane by state authority.