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Once again

You're overlaying a state-created scenario on a hypothetically no-arbitrary-authority situation.

The case would actually be that all possible eventualities would be worked out beforehand and addressed in the contract and in the lenders' business model.

How many times would a lender encounter a belligerent armed home buyer before they adapted to the possibility?

Maybe once, and then they and all other lenders would learn from their mistake.

How many times would home buyers try to use force instead of planning and cultivating good will? What's this guy's prospects for future contracting with anyone, anywhere, if he's publicly known as the idiot sitting on his roof with a gun?

There would be no advantage to asinine behaviors without the all-powerful state coming in to kill the guy, or to put him on meds and pay his bills for the rest of his life.

People would have to act like adults.