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Yours for a Donation of $50

LOL. Where to start? There are so many problems with this interpretive (and inaccurate) adaptation of Isaiah 9:10 to 9/11 (OMG is that another harbinger?..9/11 follows 9:10!!! LOL)Just for starters, the biblical sycamore tree is often translated "fig" and indeed, was a cross b/t mulberry and fig, grew fruit on its bark and was ALWAYS green ... an evergreen~ So by no rational means can the tree be likened to the one that was destroyed. It could as easily be likened to the one that replaced it. And no, one cannot be happy to just settle for the translation "sycamore" for equivalency regardless of the broader comparison. Now if the sycamore that was destroyed on 9/11 had been evergreen and sprouted figs multiple times a year on its bark , I'd grant him some points. Not the case, folks. But this is one of the more minor problems with the concoction. The cherry-picking and contortions that must be crafted to match up the "harbingers" is excruciating to watch -- I mean, John Edwards? A VP CANDIDATE and Tom Daschle -- THESE are the so-called leaders God would inspire to utter the vow? LOL.

There were so many inserted assumptions added to string the next harbinger to the one before I lost track. Assumptions must be validated before relying upon them to make more claims. Of course, he doesn't do this. Big logical problem.

It would take too much time and space than I want to spend on this nonsense to close the rebuttal on scholarly grounds. But really, this is not a credit to the idea of following god. Fear and punishment are never going to reconcile humanity to a god, and if there is a god, s/he would know this. If it didn't work with Israel, why would it work with anyone else? Jesus the teacher offered a better way through love, if you're inclined to belief/religion. What this dude is hawking should stay on the shelf. My opinion.