Comment: Quick Pointers For Bell Sphon Functionality

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Quick Pointers For Bell Sphon Functionality

For those building a bell siphon
A few quick points
1) make sure the inflow is at least 1% percent more water volume than the outflow of the standpipe (when the outflow is not siphoning). This ensures that the standpipe will be covered, one of the key requirements for the mechanism to work.
The goal here is to create negative pressure inside of the 'bell'. this can only happen when the standpipe is completely covered and the water vortexes downward. When the vortex is created, the water takes a gulp of air with it, which creates the negative pressure required.

2) make sure that there is an unimpeded drop with the standpipe, this will make sure the standpipe can maintain a steady outflow. ie don't have any curves or bends as the outflow can be impeded.

3) Make sure all components are completely sealed

Generally if you meet these three criteria your siphon should run continuously.